Avoiding Easter Overload

Gifts (Giving & Receiving): Chocolate: Hot Cross Buns: Post Easter Sales: The SupaChocs Story

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are out in full force for sale. With Easter less than 1 week away many people are wondering how to manage the temptations that will come their way and /or how to give an Easter gift to someone who is watching their weight, has Diabetes or sticks to a healthy diet.

For many, chocolate is a passion which must be controlled, particularly if you are trying to lose or control your weight, have Diabetes or a high cholesterol level.  Chocolate lovers are going to be challenged with temptations, as this is one of those difficult times of the year where many people choose to ‘give up’ their healthy eating  or weight loss program.

Even the humble hot cross bun has evolved. Not only just with fruit they also are now available with all sorts of chocolate varieties added to them which increases the fat, sugar and calorie value.

Managing presents


What to give? Chocolate seems to be the most popular and traditional option for many.

If you are purchasing chocolate Easter eggs for others, get them at the latest possible time and store them away, out of sight. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. For many chocolate lovers, the lure of the Easter eggs may prove too much. Many people including some of my clients, have eaten the presents  they have purchased prior to Easter only having to end up having to purchase more.

The second alternative is to purchase presents other than Easter eggs or chocolate for your friends and family, for example fluffy bunnies, perfume, a plant or a fresh fruit basket or SupaChocs*.( See explanation at the end of this article)


If you are given chocolates as gifts, store them away and save them for the occasional weekly indulgence.

 Go for ‘the best’. Go for quality over quantity.

Consider freezing your chocolate because this way, it takes longer to eat (or melt in the mouth) and you get more enjoyment from it.

Another alternative is to ask for dark chocolate e.g. 70 or 80% cocoa. Many people are satisfied with less this way, resulting in less kilojoules, fat, saturated fat and sugar consumed.

Request an alternative gift/s like SupaChocs* or other previous suggestions.

If you can’t stop once you start and you end up still receiving more chocolates than you hoped for…   Give them away, ‘Re-gift’ them or open them when several other people are present and offer them around and then, give away the leftovers.

Managing extra chocolate in the house

For many people it is not their chocolate gifts that prove the problem, it’s eating others’ chocolates. So if your children have Easter eggs by the bucket load, this can be a temptation. Ideally, suggest to others that other gifts can also be given to your children (it’s better for them not to have too much chocolate anyway) to limit how much chocolate they are given.

If you find yourself eating their chocolate it might be best to see if they can keep their chocolate in their room, if they are old enough. If they are younger, put them ‘out of sight, out of mind’, high up in the pantry and distribute to them on an occasional basis.

Managing Post-Easter chocolate sales

For some, it is the ‘after Easter lure’ that creates an oversupply of chocolate in the house.  Have these posts Easter signs at supermarkets ever tempted you?  “½ price Easter eggs!” “Sale”  “Buy one, get one for free”. Remember, it’s not a saving if it ends up on your waist. And, no, they won’t last for next Easter. Avoid these temptations, even avoid the isles that the sales are in, if you have to…

Managing Hot Cross buns

Hot cross buns are for sale, soon after the Christmas sales are finished and available until the end of April, when the Easter sales are finished. There are now many different types of hot cross buns – not just the standard one with fruit but as well, many others including Choc Chip and Chocolate mud hot cross buns and as a result, kilojoule counts can vary widely. Many people also pile on the butter.

The biggest problem is the higher kilojoule variations from the standard fruit bun recipe as well as the heavy layer of butter or margarine that may go on them. So, stick to a basic bun and scrape thinly the fat on top. Have one as a snack or two as a breakfast or lunch alternative during the Easter break.


Celebrating new choices (2).png


The SupaChocs Story

As a Dietitian, after consulting with more than 10,000 clients over 30 years I have come to discover that chocolate is the most loved indulgence food and the most difficult to resist when people are trying to eat healthier. Most people love chocolate but want to control their intake of it for health reasons. But why should you have to sacrifice your taste buds of rich, chocolatey flavors if you love chocolate but also want to be/ stay healthy? So I set myself a challenge to create a new product that tastes as close as possible to chocolate but to be as healthy as possible.

After 4 years of development in my kitchen to create this product I believe I have now solved the problem and have come up with a solution that can not only help my clients, but others as well. I am delighted that I now no longer need to just advise clients on ways to reduce their chocolate intake as this new alternative is great to enjoy on a daily basis.

SupaChocs are like a ‘Sheep in wolves clothing’. They might look indulgent, rich and unhealthy but in fact they have an abundance of nutrition and are around 90% nuts, seeds and fruit. So now you can “have your chocolate and eat it too!” as SupaChocs are an alternative for when your taste buds want chocolate but your body needs goodness. They are not only very nutritious but are suitable too if you (or someone you know) has Diabetes or a high cholesterol. I and many others believe there are not any great tasting chocolate alternatives available for people with these conditions.

SupaChocs are different to chocolate because they are Dietitian designed, have a 4.5 health star rating, have a much higher protein and fibre content and have only 3 % saturated fat (compared with chocolate which has 30%). SupaChocs doesn’t have the cocoa butter (which is high in saturated fat) nor the added sugars that chocolate contains. We keep however, the tastiest and the healthiest part of chocolate for SupaChocs – the cocoa and the cocoa mass for the chocolaty flavour, antioxidants and the natural ‘feel good’ chemicals.


  • For more information about SupaChocs and where you can buy them => supachocs.com.au and www.facebook/supachocs.com
  • Remember… “The best Chocolate defence is a good offence’… ‘You can’t cut back something unless you find something as good or better!”…

SupaChocs have a rich chocolaty taste and being Dietitian designed and with a 4.5 health star rating, you can’t go wrong.


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