No matter what goal(s) you are trying to achieve, the guidelines that follow will assist you with achieving it, whether it be to run a marathon, save for an overseas holiday and your retirement, become more productive and efficient, learn a musical instrument, aim to live a healthy ‘balanced’ lifestyle or to lose weight.

The 4 P’s for lasting motivation are – Passion, Positive Thinking, Patience and Perseverance –

You have to be able to know how to motivate yourself to stay with your goals while you are losing weight. There will be times when your ‘will-power’ will be low and times when you are faced with your favorite tempting foods, only inches from your lips. There may be other times that you will stray or be sidetracked from your path, or even fall down or go backwards occasionally. At these times you need to know how to get ‘back on track’ or pick yourself back up again, so that you end up achieving your goals.

So often people start at a sprint towards their goal, whatever it is. This goal could be to lose weight, better manage finances or to plan a holiday. They then get diverted along the way, distracted or lose direction and end up slowing up so much that their goals end up taking forever to reach. Remember the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise was slow but PASSION, PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, and POSITIVE THINKING helped him win, and winning is what matters in the long run.

Those that win are those that get up again after they’ve fallen down and keep on trying, improving and persevering. No matter how many times they fall off their horse, they get back on. The tortoise won because he had PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, PASSION and POSITIVE THINKING. He had a PASSION for winning, he thought POSITIVELY, he was PATIENT and he PERSEVERED!

To be successful in winning i.e. achieving your weight loss (or any other) goals permanently, you need to have the 4 P’s. Now let us now go into more detail with each of these P’s, so that you can fully understand their importance and how you can apply them to yourself…

  1. Passion We must ANTICIPATE BENEFITS, OTHERWISE WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO CHANGE.We must be discontent with our present situation, to provide the energy to want to do the work necessary and make the change. If we are not discontent enough, the energy is not great enough to take the steps and make the changes to achieve our goals. You must want to lose weight with a passion. Continually ‘taste’ what you want to achieve by losing weight and remind yourself of the positive benefits you will achieve daily.
  2. Positive thinking – be positive not negative If it is a cloudy day, do you say ‘It is getting dull’ or ‘It is getting sunny’? If your glass is half full, do you say ‘It is half full’ or ‘It is half empty’? Your answer gives us clues as to whether you think positive or think negative. POSITIVE THINKING PEOPLE ARE MORE SUCCESSFUL AS THEY EXPECT A POSITIVE OUTCOME. If you continue to tell yourself that you can’t do it, you can’t lose weight, you’re always a failure, then you will never achieve your goal, as you don’t expect that you will and you psych yourself up for failure. TO THINK POSITIVELY, YOU NEED TO ALWAYS BE ABLE TO PULL YOURSELF BACK ON TRACK. We are all human, we all make mistakes occasionally. Don’t allow one hiccup to trip you up permanently. Treat it as a learning experience so you can plan how not to allow it to happen again. It is those that continue to think positive believe they are going to get to their goal(s) and know they are going to be slim, that will win in the end. For example, if you say to yourself that you won’t throw out your large clothes as you are losing weight, it means you are expecting a negative outcome, expecting that you will regain the weight you have lost. This is negative and setting yourself up for failure. Look ahead and think positive. Look towards tomorrow, but enjoy today. Each day is a new day (even each minute is a new minute), a chance to be one step closer to your goal. Each day you choose to delay, is one day less you will not live to your fullest potential.
  3. Patience Losing weight is not easy. If it was, everyone would be slim, and most adults are overweight. Patience is very important for you, because if you are impatient, you give up too easily. THE MOST WORTHWHILE THINGS IN LIFE ARE OFTEN NOT THE EASIEST TO ACHIEVE. Healthy weight loss is a slow process. Being human, we are not 100% perfect, and make mistakes. As long as we learn from our mistakes, then making mistakes is positive. Many things need to Remember, AIM FOR IMPROVEMENT, NOT PERFECTION By breaking your goals down into small goals (or sub-goals), you have the opportunity to reward yourself more often for small achievements. Take one day (even one hour) at a time, as days lead to weeks, and weeks lead to months. Take one kilo at a time, as one kilo leads to six kilos, and six kilos leads to stones. Then before you know it, time has passed so quickly and your clothes will be falling off you. THE WEIGHT YOU HAVE DIDN’T GET THERE OVERNIGHT AND IT WON’T LEAVE OVERNIGHT EITHER. Think about how long it has taken for you to gain weight, or how many years it has been that you have been on and off weight loss programs. Doing what you have done before is therefore pointless, if you didn’t permanently lose the weight. If you do, continue to follow ‘past’ dieting behaviors (or fad diets) you will probably only repeat the past and ‘yo-yo’ with your weight. Remember, there is no magic wand, pill or potion that will make it disappear.
  4. Perseverance There will be times when you make a mistake with your eating, or you may temporarily gain weight, or go off program, but that is to be expected. We expect this to happen as we are human beings, and consequently ‘life happens’ and sometimes other priorities may take over in the short term. THOSE THAT WIN ARE THOSE THAT GET UP AGAIN AFTER THEY FALL DOWN AND KEEP TRYING, IMPROVING, PERSEVERING AND LEARNING FROM THEIR MISTAKES


Motivation is something that can ‘come and go’. There are ways, however, to keep your motivation with you on your weight loss journey. It is important for permanent weight loss that you do have the motivation coming from within yourself, you’re patient, you’re positive, you have a passion for losing weight and that you are willing to do the work.

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